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That’s not fair!

18 Aug

On our way back from the beach the other day, my 4-year-old randomly asks, “Mom, what does it mean to be ‘sent to the office’?”

Me: “What office?”

4-year-old: “You know, when you get ‘sent to the office’ at public school.”

Me: “Oh, that usually means you’re in trouble so the teacher sends you to the principal’s office. Being ‘in trouble’ means the teacher decided that you did something bad.”

4-year-old: “When do they do JC?” (The Judicial Committee is the student-led justice system, which operates sort of like a mini-courtroom.)

Me: “They don’t have JC in public school. The teacher and principal usually decide what happens to you.”

Suddenly my 7-year-old, who had been quietly listening the whole time, chimes in, “What!? That’s not fair!”

Me: “I agree with you.”

7-year-old: “Why would a parent send their kids to a school like that?”

Me: “I don’t think most people really think about it so much. It’s easier to do whatever everybody else is doing.”

7-year-old: “Well, that’s just silly.”

Me: “It sure is…”

For more about how JC functions in Sudbury schools, check out this video from Sudbury Valley School.